When a player has the self-assurance, keenness, and a copious amount of virtuosity, it does not take them long to make it to the top. Fortunately, for the fans of Manchester United, Paul Pogba is brimming with these qualities, making his journey to the top a done deal.

French player Paul Pogba is one of those players who have the ability to spark life into the dullest of games. Pogba’s energy made it possible for him to turn his childhood dream into a reality – becoming a football legend.

His first gained attention in 2011 when he was playing an under-18 game against the Derby County’s youngsters. During the game and amidst the scramble for the ball, Pogba was surrounded closely by the opposing team. However, not only did he manage to dodge and evade all the attacking players but within minutes, he managed to score such an impossible goal that it took the world by shock. Obviously the entire world wasn’t watching the game at the moment, but they sure caught him in action when the video became viral.

Much like his whirlwind personality, Pogba’s career too skyrocketed at the speed of light after his outstanding performance in 2011. His talent and his potential only proved truer when he caught the eye of none other the Manchester United’s then coach, Sir Alex Ferguson. Even though he did sign on with the Red Devils, he shocked everyone when he decided to say no to a contract extension.

Many thought of Pogba’s decision to be the end of his career (who denies an offer from Sir Alex Ferguson himself?) but again, it was Pogba, an unstoppable force, and he found his calling with Juventus as a midfielder. His part in the team earned them 4 Serie A titles along with many other trophies and awards.

Many considered Pogba as a force to be reckoned with. Watching him play, the recruiters could only think of watching a great player in making, one who could have an equal standing with the likes of Messi and Ronaldo. The fact that he has achieved great success at such a young age only confirms it. With his match winning performances while at Juventus, he has been an established talent and has earned a reputation of being the golden boy.

His potential made him a highly sought after player and after 5 years of playing with Juventus, he made his comeback by signing with Manchester United in 2016 for a world record fee of £89.3 million.

Soon after he joined his former team again, he scored his first premier league goal and continued to impress fans with his performances. However, he has been criticized for his lack of discipline.  Regardless of the time in which Paul Pogba has achieved success, one thing is a given; Pogba will soon be considered equivalent to some of the greatest footballing legends and if he does so, he will be successful in accomplishing his childhood dream.