We know of crimes that might land us in prison without a second thought; murdering, stealing, dealing drugs, and DUI are the most obvious ones. But then, there are acts that you might not even expect to be a crime which will land you in jail. So, if you happen to be the traveling kind who goes from places to places, countries to countries, you might want to know about these petty yet troubling crimes:

Alaska And The Bears:

Don’t worry, you can totally shoot bears in Alaska; it is totally acceptable. However, dare to wake up a  sleeping bear for the purpose of taking a  photograph or a selfie and you are going to land in jail.

Alaksa And The Mosse:

Apparently, in Alaska, if you push a moose out of a flying airplane, you are doing something illegal and will go to jail for it. What is it with Alaska and animals? In fact, that is not the right question. The more appropriate question would be, “Why would anyone even want to push a moose out of a flying airplane? Why would they want to risk their own and everyone else’s life aboard?”

Skipping School Is Not Easy In Baytown:

Skipping school in Baytown, Texas brings an entirely different sort of trouble to your doorstep. If a child is found skipping school for more than 10 days, it might lead to adult criminal proceedings. Oh, and those who fail to pay the fine, they will definitely be arrested. At least Baytown has figured out a way to increase the literacy rate!

UK Does Not Take Kindly To Charging Your Phones:

If you ever happen to run out of battery in your cell phone in London’s over ground trains, don’t ever make the mistake of using the sockets there. You’ll be handcuffed and dragged to the station faster than you can say illegal.

Whale is not yours for the taking:

No one in the UK can have a whale for a pet because they all belong to the queen, and you certainly don’t want to mess with her highness!

Non-password protected Wi-Fi connection is trouble:

In the United States and most of the other countries as well, if you happen to be strolling past a shop, a mall, or just any place which has its Wi-Fi connection unsecured and open and you happen to connect to it and check your mail or begin stalking on Facebook, apparently, you are using someone else’s  property – ignoring the fact that it was them who left it unsecured. You might very well go to jail for it.

When in Milan, you smile:

In Milan, Italy, you cannot frown, cry or be angry; all you have to do is smile, smile and smile. A frown could mean you ending up with a hefty amount of fine. A person can only frown in funerals and hospitals. Otherwise, bring all your happy smiling angels with you to Milan.

Some of these crimes are outright hilarious, but what can we do! If you want to visit these places, you will have to play by their rules.