We all love movies, especially those which fall into the genre of thriller, crime, and horror. However, there have been times in real life when humans absolutely lost any semblance of humanity from their heart. Case in point; Jack the Ripper. It all seems okay from afar to read about it or hear about it but it is an entirely another matter when we see it on screen as if it’s happening right in front of our eyes. A little too much detail, a little too much hopelessness, and a little too much of the gory details can make the best of us suffer from many sleepless nights.

Unfortunately, or fortunately for the sadistic ones, Hollywood has a history of making movies like these. In case you have a faint heart, you might want to steer clear of the following ones:


Starting off with a very famous one, Se7en is a crime-thriller with A-list actors including Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Gwyneth Paltrow among the cast. The story revolves around an old – almost retiring – detective (Freeman), a new one (Pitt) who is his replacement, and Pitt’s wife (Paltrow). However, the retiring detective delays his impending departure when a very gruesome murder makes news and the murderer has left a message; the first of the seven deadly sins the murderer is punishing. Soon, the two detectives are consumed by the case, trying their best to catch the murderer before his next move. Unfortunately, each murder continues to happen and it is even more gruesome than the last one (shown vividly in the movie). The end is horrid enough to make even the strongest willed cry. 


Gaslight is a psychological thriller where Bella (Diana Wynyard) begins to believe that she is losing her mind, with the lights’ flickering, the sounds of footsteps from upstairs and then, all those things being replaced. Meanwhile, her husband notices nothing. You might think it is all the doings of a paranormal being, but you’ll be proved wrong. After watching this movie, you’ll begin to doubt the people closest to you.


Oculus is a story of two brothers and sisters. Their parents bought an antique mirror once and died right in front of their children. It resulted in their 10-year old son going to child prison because all the signs pointed towards him being the murderer. Only the sister knows that is not the case. 11 years later, he is out of prison and Kaylie (his sister) buys back the mirror to avenge the death of their parents by facing the supernatural beings which caused it. Unfortunately, it only goes downhill from there. If you are curious, watch at your own risk; it might get a little gory.


May has always been an awkward, socially inept, and weird child. She thinks that like everyone else, not even the blind children will be able to befriend her. She grows up to be as strange as she was when she was a child, and it takes an entirely different turn when she takes matters of making friends in her own hands. The story sounds all sweet and nice; instead, it is anything but. May is equal parts creepy, gory, and disturbingly twisted.

If you really like to see all the bloodbath along with going through an emotional rollercoaster, go see these movies by all means. But let us warn you that it will keep you awake for days.