Some Americans are calling it a joke, some are calling it tragic while many are still pinching themselves, trying to wake up from this nightmare of a presidential debate. All of us who watched the second debate live were left questioning Trump’s existence – his upbringing too. Those of us who didn’t watch it were left wondering as to what on earth happened at the presidential debate that got everyone so riled up!

If you belong to the latter category, then you have come to the right place because we are going to bring you up to speed with all the highlights of the second presidential debate. Good or bad, we won’t leave anything out:

The Benign Beginning:

The debate started with the kind hellos and lots of head nodding form both of the presidential candidates. The first question began with the youth’s part in the presidential campaign, which Hillary Clinton answered with optimistic and upbeat point of views and concluded by extending her support for all Americans regardless of their political, religious or ethnic backgrounds. Trump too agreed with Hillary and promised to do things that have never been done before in order to make America Great Again. However, DT wasn’t getting off the hook so easily as the next question which was asked was regarding his “Locker Room Talk”. DT’s answer? He appeared rightfully ashamed and even admitted to not being proud of it. However, he subtly steered the direction of the debate to ISIS, declaring it to be a more urgent matter rather than his sexual assaults on women.

The Mediocre Middle:

Anderson Cooper, the host, wasn’t having it and after having a tug of words with him, Trump finally said that he didn’t do any of the things that were said on the tape and he has “tremendous respect for women” and in the same breath, declared Middle Easters to be the reason behind America’s disaster and unsafe conditions. Hillary subsequently called him out on that by presenting several proofs of Trump’s unfair treatment of women on social media and his behavior with the former Miss Universe. In retaliation, he attacked Hillary with Bill Clinton’s past. However, during the debate, Clinton confirmed the authenticity of the WikiLeaks containing speech excerpts whereas Trump admitted to $1 billion of tax loss.  However, in his typical trump style, he ended up putting the blame of his tax loss on Hillary too.

The Horrid End:

Well, the end wasn’t as horrid as it was made out to be. The two candidates just genuinely complimented each other – at least we think it was a compliment and was genuine. However, the debate went on about the same old things; Trump being a regular bad person by undermining women, Muslims, Obama and almost everyone while at the same time, declaring his respect for all. Regardless, we are only a few weeks away from elections and the debate is still roaming around Trump’s questionable character and Hilary’s repeated policy plans. Honestly, 7 year olds can do better than this as we are talking about America’s future here after all.