We all are well aware of the havoc and destruction that Hurricane Matthew just left in its wake from 22nd September to 10th October 2016.  The Hurricane took more than a 1,000 lives in Haiti and was rated a monster, Category 5 Atlantic Hurricane. It was not only Haiti that suffered from the hurricane but parts of Cuba, Bahamas and South Eastern United States were also affected by it. Hurricane Matthew was so strong and long-lasting that it even touched the coasts of Florida.

How it Started:

The deadly hurricane started out as a tropical wave in the African Coast but as it made its way towards Cape Verde and westward into the Atlantic, it gained power and strength and by the time it reached the Caribbean, it had turned into an all out Hurricane. The Hurricane even made its appearance in South Carolina though it had turned into a Category 1 hurricane by then.

The Worst is Yet to Come:

We would be lying if we say that Hurricane Matthew hit us unexpectedly. Still, there is no way for one to prepare for natural catastrophes, no matter how accurate the predictions are or how ready we were.

We are still shaken up by Hurricane Matthew that recently hit a good part of the coastal areas from Haiti to Florida but the sad part is, it is not over. The Hurricane season is predicted to last from June to November and we are just at the start of October. Experts predict that the chances of a Hurricane hitting the entire coastline of USA are 51%.

So far, 5 storms have already hit in the year 2016; namely, AlexBonnieColinDanielle and Earl. Two of these storms Alex and Earl were hurricanes.

As far as the rest of the hurricane season of 2016 goes, the Tropical Meteorology Project at Colorado State University expected a total of 10 storms out of which 6 were expected to be hurricanes, 2 of which were predicted to be major ones. 

Florida Bracing for Impact:

Out of all the predictions and forecasts, Florida is the one that has to be most careful. The city is bracing for a major hurricane to hit soon while the hurricane death toll in the United States has rise to almost 2 dozen already. The government and authorities are trying to take all necessary measures for the next 72 hours to prevent the country from suffering from any more deaths.

The floodwater, however, is constantly on the move and the water level is rising rapidly. Amidst all the fear and safety from the natural calamity, the presidential campaigns are also getting affected. The last thing USA wants is to politicize a natural disaster. The governor refuses to extend the dates for voting in the affected areas given the fact that too much time has already been provided for voting.