DumbellsAs the fitness craze around the world continues to boom, many people begin running into issues with nagging injuries and confusion as to why it continues to happen. There are several things you can do to prevent this and things you can change with your workouts to help reverse pain. Here are a couple things to look out for and things to stay away from.

  1. Overtraining: Many people when they first begin to workout are unsure as to how much volume they should be doing during their workouts and how many days in a row they should be working out before taking an off day. For beginners, it is best to keep the sets between 10-20. Doing too much volume during your workouts is a recipe for disaster so you should pay attention to how much you are doing. As far as off days go, this mostly depends on your years of experience. For more experienced people who recover well, they can take it up to 5-6 days a week of workouts. For those who are less experienced, it is suggested to stick to 3-4 days and to gradually increase over time.
  2. Neglecting To Train Body Parts: For those of you who love working out your chest but hate back day. Or those who love to squat heavy but hate deadlifts. It is important to train your entire body the same amount to ensure balance within the muscles and ensure one muscle part is not taking over the other during your heavy compound lifts.
  3. Stretching Muscles And Rolling Out: This is important to make sure your muscles are not balling up into knots and tightening up. When your muscles form into knots, you will begin to have pain throughout the body as everything is connected. Try rolling out your muscles before every lift and then stretching them once your training session is complete. This will help ensure a heathy and smooth muscular system.
  4. Always Using Good Form: This is something that goes unsaid most of the time but is crucial to maintaining a healthy body. Use good form for every lift. If you are unsure what your form looks like, try filming yourself during your lifts and critiquing your own form.

Overall, just be smart when you go about your workouts. Be a student of fitness and always be willing to learn from other people and what works for them.