Pablo Escobar’s son is clearly not happy with Narcos’ depiction of his father. His recent Facebook post has been making rounds in which he called the series ‘insulting’.

Narcos; What Is It?

Narcos has been all the rage since it began (If you are living in the Arctic, only then could you not know about it). Let us tell you that Narcos is a Netflix saga based on the story of Pablo Escobar – the Colombian drug lord. At the height of his career, he was supposedly involved in the smuggling of around 80% of all the cocaine smuggled into the US.

Two seasons of the American crime thriller have so far been aired and Netflix has announced to continue the series for 2 more seasons.

Lies and Mistakes Pointed out by Escobar’s Son

Sebastian Marroquin, Pablo Escobar’s son, has pointed out the following mistakes in the huge Netflix hit and labeled the cartel series as being more factious than factual:

  • Starting from seemingly small and trivial matters, Morroquin said that his father was a fan of Deportivo Independiente Medellin and not of Atletico Nacional, as shown in the series.
  • Limon – the driver of Escobar’s brother was a part of the family’s service staff since a long time and was not hired later as the series showed. The driver worked for Escobar’s brother for 20 years.
  • According to Morroquin, his mother never bought and used any weapon.
  • Also, he told that Escobar’s brother-in-law, Carlos Henao, never became involved in any illegal activity. He was never a drug dealer and also never lived in Miami. He was an architect.
  • Morroquin accepted that his father attacked many policemen and even killed more than 500 in one month only. However, he denied that Escobar personally killed Colonel Hugo Martinez (called Horacio Carrillo in the series).
  • La Quica did not carry out the bombing on the plane from Avianca, the incident which killed more than 100 people. He was falsely accused and arrested for a crime he did not commit. In fact, Carlos Castano was the one who carried out the bombing on Escobar’s orders.
  • The Netflix series showed a huge confrontation when Escobar was escaping from the Cathedral. However, in reality, there was no such clash and only one guard died. Sebastian denied that his father got any help from the law to escape from the prison. Rather, the escape was planned since the time the jail was constructed and a few bricks were left loose.
  • After the escape from the cathedral, we were not living in mansions, as shown. Rather, we were living in slums.
  • During the last days, Pablo Escobar was alone as all of his allies (except Chopo and Angelito) had either surrendered or died.
  • Pablo Escobar never threatened the people of the Cali Cartel.
  • He never attacked Gilberto Rodriguez’ daughter or any of his family members.
  • Sebastian denied that his mother ever talked to by Virginia Vallejo after the escape from the cathedral. Also, his father did not have any contact with Virginia for about a decade.
  • Escobar’s family did not get any help from Colombia’s district attorney.
  • Contrary to what was shown on the television series, Sebastian says that it was his paternal grandmother and her children who betrayed his father and contacted the Cali cartel.