With every major incident come a great number of speculations; and with every speculation emerges some very weird conspiracy theory. Most of us do not think anything of these theories, but some of them are given with such valid proofs that it makes a totally twisted yet logical sense that we couldn’t help but begin to take them seriously. In fact, there are many incidents where these conspiracy theories are believed to have turned out to be true. But, that is not what we are going to talk about today. What we are going to do is look at some of the most famous conspiracy theories about things that we have never had any reason to doubt before; for instance, the kings and queens of England perhaps?

Shape Shifting Reptiles of David Icke:

Okay, so this one might be totally unbelievable, but the British author refuses to believe otherwise. According to Icke, the people in the royal family are not humans like us, but beings from outer space who have been ruling for a very long time. And not just them, but in his book “The Biggest Secret”, Icke says that every leader and famously rich person belongs to the same reptilian class as the royal blood. And in case you are wondering as to how could Prince William or Beyoncé be reptiles, well, you should know that they are shape-shifting reptiles who drink blood and flesh. So, turning into humans for a little show is not a problem for them. In case you are thinking of this as funny and absurd, then allow us to humor you that the same theory has originated the concept of Illuminati. And you don’t need us to tell you how seriously that one is taken.

9/11 wasn’t planes, it was bombs:

Ever since the twin towers crashed down into nothing but debris, there have been many conspiracy theories circulating all around. One of them says that while it looked like the doings of airplanes, it was actually a pre-planned demolition using explosives that brought the towers to the ground. And if you carefully watch the video of that unfortunate event, you’ll realize how much it makes sense. Then, there were witnesses who said that they heard the explosives go off while they were escaping, and even experts say that a plane’s fuel is not enough to melt steel frames of such large buildings. After all, if something hits a Lego building from the top, it is bound to fly all sideways instead crumble down into complete nothingness.

Marilyn Monroe Murdered:

Everyone knows that the iconic star’s death was caused by drug overdose, but conspiracy theories believe otherwise. Not only theorists, but Marilyn’s ex-husband and the first LAPD unit to arrive at the death scene too believe that she was murdered. Some believe that it was on the orders of the Kennedy’s with whom Marilyn had close ties; which brings us to the next theory. 

John F. Kennedy:

Who can ever forget that highly disturbing day when John F Kennedy’s head was blown in public right in front of thousands of witnesses? No one! And though the man was caught and he too died in a similar manner, many believe that there was a bigger hand behind his death, maybe someone from inside the government.

The theories are endless and there is no limit to their horror; for instance, there is a very strong theory about Hitler never being dead and living till his old age. However, one thing is for sure; things are never what they seem to be and maybe, we should always look a little deeper before believing them.