Sitting with our friends, working with our colleagues or just deep in our own thoughts, we all make some predictions. These predictions are generally pointless, fun and most importantly, they never actually happen. But again, every now and then, a well-renowned and reputed election Nostradamus of our century makes a prediction except in their case, it can actually come true.

Here, we are talking about the college professor Allan Lichtman. According to Litchman, November 8th will be a very good day for Donald Trump. Litchman believes that Trump will be the one to take the highly sought-out title of “The President of the United States” home. Now usually, we would never trust or believe a person who makes predictions and tells us who is going to be the next president of the Free States. However, the situation is a bit complicated this time though because Allan Lichtman is not just any college professor; he is the college professor. The one who has been making election predictions since 1984, not an election day has passed by when his prediction hasn’t been wrong.

So, you understand the dilemma now? The reactions to this prediction are very mixed. Trump supporters couldn’t be happier with this news where else the non-supporters are dreading the day when Trump will be called their president. That’s how it is with Trump; you either hate him or love him, there is no in-between.

Back to the professor, you would be interested in knowing how he ends up making such a grave prediction. But let’s get something out of the way first; there were no glass bowls involved. In fact, Lichtman’s predications are highly calculated forecasts. His foresights are based on the level of likeness; according to him, the most favorite always ends up winning.

In his book, Predicting the Next President: the Keys to the White House 2016, Lichtman listed down some key points he used to determine the next winner. While many might still be doubtful of his ways and his success, he explained with certain clarity his method of predictions. 

The process of Allan’s forecasting involves certain keys with true and false questions. If the answer to most questions is false then the elections will go against the party in power, whereas if more statements are true then the elections will be in favor of the party holding the Whitehouse. The process is completely mind-boggling and very confusing but it if Lichtman says it works then it must be true. The professor got history to prove his point.

If you are not happy with the professor’s predictions, then don’t hate on him. Lichtman simply uses facts, opinions and stats to make his predictions. If you want to bring change, then step out of your house and vote for the person you believe in. Sometimes, even Nostradamus failed and most times, people have the power to bring the change.