When you hear the words ‘celebrate lavishly’, it reminds you of dollar signs and the sound of a cash register going cha-ching! Doesn’t always sound fun does it, especially if you are too occupied with worrying about the bill that doesn’t let you focus on having fun at your own bash.

It’s the Digital World

Flowers and goodies are almost vintage. If you want to show that person you care, you better send them a quirky emoji; otherwise, it does not count. Good news for you; digital wishes and gifts are not the only things you can use here. Send out creatively put together invites. Let your unique style flow through them. For instance, you can make a 2 minute video clip inviting people you know and then send this out. It so beats writing textbook invites that people have read a hundred times before.

Host at Home

There are plenty of ways you can arrange this; plus, remember you are saving a ton of cash on venue bookings and other miscellaneous expenses that go with it. By celebrating at home, you can take out the grill if you want. You can even have a couple of close friends help you with setting everything up. Some people like decorating while others are eager on another aspect that you didn’t even think about.   

Another cool trend is setting up a food bar which will have a star food item. Depending on what you are celebrating, you can set the menu for this. For example, if you are celebrating an achievement, a popcorn bar with caramel corn would go a long way in being an innovative dessert. 

Tag Team That Party

Join forces with a friend. If it’s the holiday season, you know a lot of people would want to host a party, and why not do it together? It does not bite a chunk out of your wallet and with resources by the two of you combined, it can result in a bigger and more fun party than you might have planned solo.


Not everyone is comfy busting out moves in your living room packed wall to wall with people. Do not make the mistake of turning the place into an image reminiscent of middle school dances, where no one was into dancing together. It isn’t cool if half of the people don’t feel like busting some moves, and are slowly moving away with a drink in their hands. Now, karaoke on the other hand, is far more brutal and that is why it’s effective. Everyone gets to be in the spotlight and everyone gets to cheer the person with the mic on.    

And there you go! If you follow these steps, then congratulations! You will be able to save more than what your parents did planning your 10th birthday party.