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If you’re a reasonable adult (like myself), you probably like money. Now don’t lie, you care about money, maybe because it feeds your kids, or pays the mortgage, or it puts paint on the walls of your home, and dang, it also pays for good bourbon and other stuff you do not need. Point is, for all people, the affection for money runs deep, sort of like religion, which is why you’re more likely to be a lot happier if you had more of it. Well, we hate to break it to you buddy, but making more money is easier said than done. While we do not advise you leave your day job, here are some of the ways you can make easy money on the side in 2016.

Take Surveys, Test an App, or Write a Letter

There are a number of websites out there that pay you to take part in surveys. For instance, InboxDollars is one such website where users can take part in different tasks and get paid after completing those tasks. Taking part in online surveys is simple and easy, and doesn’t take much time to sign up, which is free also, and the best part is there are hundreds of them to choose from. Google Opinion Rewards pays users up to $50 a year to take part in surveys (available for Android only). Cash Nebula, on the other hand is available on both Android and iOS and pays users to test apps and perform other simple tasks. If you like to shop online, Samsung Pay rewards you with $10 gift cards for using their online payment system.

If you follow politics, and want to voice your concerns, why not write a letter to your member of Congress? Of course, people can always write to a congressperson on their own, but grassroots advocacy groups such as DDC and Next Wave Advocacy, LLC give you an opportunity to earn money by working from home. The main purpose of these two of a kind grassroots advocacy groups is to run political campaigns on issues such as taxes, energy, defense, and healthcare. Your job will be to help people communicate their opinions of these issues by writing letters on their behalf to Members of Congress. Earning $15 or more an hour, is not a bad gig!

Ditch Google, Use Bing

If your job requires you to spend more time searching online, you might be using Google. You should stop and use Bing instead. Why you ask? Because under the Bing Rewards Program, users can earn credits by simply using its search engine, and if this sounds like bribing, that’s because it is. The Bing Rewards Program allows users to earn credits and get rewards in the form of cash or gift certificates which can be used on Amazon, Starbucks, or other stores across the US. People can earn up to $400 a year by just browsing the web via Bing.

Get an App… that Pays

There are many companies including Google that will pay you to install their app. These apps are used to collect data from your cell phone, which then helps companies develop a better understanding of the habits of their consumers. These apps do not gather any personal information, just what kinds of websites or apps you use and how frequently you use them. You can also download a smart app from Smart Panel and get paid each month to let the app work in the background.

Open a Bank Account

If you don’t already have a bank account, now’s a good time to open one because there are a plenty of banks such as TD Bank, Citibank, and Chase in the US that will gladly pay you just to open an account.

Become a Blogger

If all else fails, you can always write for websites and blogs that will pay you. Woop Woop! Easy money!