What would the world be like if James Dean had swerved the car that caused the major collision and caused his death near 60 years ago, and more importantly, what would he be like? The young and moody looking face of every angsty teenager of the time could be into so many things right now.

James’ legend did not stop from growing after his death. In his own time, he was still a rising star whose reputation rose exponentially in the 50s and 60s. If he had stuck around, he would probably have a career similar to Marlon Brando, Martin Landau, or Dennis Hopper. In fact, a lot of people speculate that had he been alive, he would have been chosen to star in Hoosiers instead of Dennis Hopper.

He Was a Gear Head and Never Got to Explore

Perhaps he wouldn’t have stuck to acting for long, instead pursuing his other passions – like car racing. He would have probably returned to do a movie or two, but after the 60s, he probably would have taken to the track, and his acting career would be short-lived.

He Would Probably be in the Godfather

He would so have made the roster for the Corleone family, and probably would have won the Oscar as well for the 1972 flick. His career would have marked 13 academy award nominations, his phenomenal support for Gay Rights Movement, and perhaps his own clothing line too.

He Might Have Been Dubbed the Next Cary Grant

He would probably be a lot like Cary Grant with a career to match. It has been noted in plenty of interviews that for Dean, his main goal was always acting and that from a young age he was fond of memorizing poems.

He Might Have Been a Director

He couldn’t possibly keep up with portraying the brooding young man, perhaps he moved on to make a film and put to spot light the emotionally neglected teenagers of America. After the success of his directing debut, he probably also would have gotten his own Movie Company.

He Could Have Been Ronald Reagan

James Dean was already a rebel at heart. With his averted attitude towards Hollywood politics; he probably would have scored nominations but fail at getting an academy award. These same qualities may have James Dean building a career in national politics, and be the president instead of Ronald Reagan. If only the man walked away from the car accident that day, we would be talking about his term as president.